FAQs for Managers

Become a Fund Manager

How do I become a fund manager?

Connect your Wallet, buy some reputation Token choose the amount of PEAK Tokens for Staking. That’s it.

Are there any requirements to become a fund manager?

To maintain the decentralized character of PEAKDEFI, everyone can become a fund manager. There are no requirements.

What are my benefits as a fund manager?

First, in contrast to other projects there are no requirements to become a fund manager. Furthermore you don’t have to search for investors. The better the Fund performs the more investors will invest. Your performance determines how much of the fund will be managed by you. The better your performance the greater your proportion of the fund you can manage. You can earn up to 15% success fee.

Do I risk my own money?

No, the fund consists of the invested amount from the investors. You risk only the amount of your purchased Reputation Token.

Reputation Token

What is a Reputation Token?

Managers need to possess Reputation tokens to manage funds on PEAKDEFI. The reputation token represents how good a manager is at trading. The more Reputation tokens you have, the more money in the PEAKDEFI Fund you can manage and the more income you’ll get every month as a commission on your investments.

How do I buy Reputation Token?

Just follow the Registration / Wallet Connection Steps for a Manager. You will get to the area where you have to buy them. You can pay with ETH or 70+ supported ERC-20 Token.

Can I buy as many Reputation Token I want to manage more Fund Shares?

No, everybody starts at the same level, hence everybody has to buy the same amount of reputation token.

Can I lose Reputation Token?

Yes, if your trade performs bad you can lose your stake.

Can I sell Reputation Token?

No, Reputation Token represents your Trading performance and cannot be sold.

Staking Peak

What is PEAK?

PEAK is the token that fuels the PEAKDEFI Platform. Read more about PEAK and the Benefits for PEAK Staking here.

What is the minimum amount of Peak that I have to stake?

You have to stake at least 100 PEAK.

What is the minimum period to stake Peak?

10 days

What is the maximum period to stake Peak?

1000 days


What is the Rep. Token Balance?

Your free Token Left for Trading

What does "Risk Taken" mean?

It's your Risk Threshold in the current cycle


Your estimated Commission in this cycle for managing this fund, ready for withdrawal in the next intermission phase. It can change during the Cycle, depending on your profits and losses as well as the whole Fund performance.

How can I open a Trading position?

Click on +Trade. Choose your asset and your order type (buy / sell, buy / sell with margin). Choose the size of your trade by determining the amount of Reputation Token to stake. Set your max. acceptable buy price (slippage), the liquidity provider, click on continue and follow the next steps.

Can I leverage my trade?

Yes just choose the Asset and the order type. You can leverage up to 3x your Trade. Not all assets are available for leverage trading. Learn more about leverage trades here.

Can I short a position?

Yes just choose the Asset and the sell order type. Learn more about Sell Orders here.

What does “Reputation Token to stake” mean?

By choosing the amount of Reputation Token you determine the size of the order position. Learn more here.

What is a Max acceptable buy price?

It’s the maximum slippage of a buy order that you accept. The trade won’t get through if it would exceed the specified %.

Do I have to pay fees?

Only the transaction costs on the blockchain.

How do I close a trade?

In your dashboard click on the fund and on “Trades”. Then click on the “Close” button at the specific trade you want to close. Choose the amount of Reputation Token you want to redeem (100% = closing whole position) and the maximum deviation from the closing price (slippage).

What is the Collateralization Status?

When you open a Margin Trade a Collateral will take place. The Collateralization Status represents the current Margin Call situation. If the trade goes in the wrong direction the status signals a danger for liquidation. To improve the status again you can Top-Up your Collateral.

What does “Reputation Token to redeem” mean?

The current staked Reputation Token for this trade. If you want to close the whole position you have to redeem this amount, which is then again credited to your Reputation Token Balance. If you want you can close only fractions of the trade by redeeming just a partial amount of the maximum amount to redeem.

What does USDC to Redeem mean?

It’s the current value of the trade in USDC Value

What is Max acceptable “Sell Price” / “Closing Price” in %?

It’s the maximum slippage of a trade that you accept. The trade won’t be closed if it would exceed the specified %.

What does “Top Up” mean?

You select a new collateralization ratio by staking more rep token to get an healthier ratio and the trade not being liquidated.

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