Make a Sale

Quick and easy steps to selling your assets on PEAKDEFI.

When you're ready to sell your assets on the PEAKDEFI Investment Platform, there are a few key steps you'll need to follow. Following these simple steps, you can sell your assets on the Platform quickly and easily.

👉 Head to the product page of the asset you would like to purchase. For our example, we will use

👉 Connect your wallet before you can take any further action

Connect A Wallet

👉 Your purchase panel should now look like this - in this state you proceed to choose what asset you would like to collect from the trade.

👉 Clicking on the left of the blue "Max" button presents a popup of all available exchange tokens.

👉 In this example, we purchase .0082 USDC in exchange for 0.7246 PEAK - using our max exchange feature.

👉 If you have never made a token transaction on our dApp with these tokens, you will have to approve the transfer of these assets before we can sell them. To continue, click "Approve".

👉 Once the approval has been confirmed, you can proceed with the final transaction stage, which is the exchange.

👉 Confirm this final transaction and your new exchange will be made!

👉 Your new exchange panel should reflect the value changes of selling the first asset (PEAK) in exchange for receiving the second asset (USDC).

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