Staking PEAK

Lock in your PEAK to receive more PEAK. The more you stake the more you get. The longer you stake the more you get. The earlier you start the more you get! Ready to stake?

What is PEAK Staking?

Besides investing in the PEAKDEFI Global Fund you can grow your Capital by Staking PEAK. At a very basic level, β€œstaking” means locking your crypto assets for a certain period of time for a specific purpose. With regard to PEAK you'll get Rewards for decreasing the current circulating supply in the Market and stabilizing the PEAK price by locking your PEAK on the PEAKDEFI Platform. 1 Bln. are reserved for Staking Purpose. 700 Mio. PEAK are reserved for "natural" Staking Rewards, 250. Mio. PEAK the for so called Protection Staking and 50 Mio. are reserved for Referral Ranking Bonus. You can earn up to 83% in natural PEAK Staking per Year!

While Asset Managers have to stake a specific amount of PEAK it is an optional opportunity for Investors. Affiliates on the other hand need to stake PEAK in order to receive more Referral Commission. Read more about it in the Referral Rewards section.

Your Rewards - Bigger and Longer Bonus and Early Factor

The PEAK-Staking Formula depends on 3 Parameters: The Amount of PEAK to stake (Bigger Bonus), the Period of Time you are willing to lockup you PEAK (Longer Bonus) and the stage, when you start staking (Early Factor). The amount of PEAK Staked, s, can be 10 - 1,000,000 PEAK. The time the PEAK are staked for, d, can be 10 to 1,000 Days.

Rewards (in %):

BiggerBonusYearly:B(s)=min(s/10,000,000;0.1)Bigger BonusYearly: B(s)= min(s/10,000,000; 0.1)
BiggerBonusDaily:b(s)=B(s)/365BiggerBonusDaily: b(s) = B(s) / 365
LongerBonusTotal:L(d)=Ξ±βˆ—d+Ξ²βˆ—dβˆ—(d+1)/2LongerBonusTotal: L(d) = Ξ± * d + Ξ² * d * (d + 1) / 2
EarlyFactor:e(w)=max((βˆ’1/700,000,000)βˆ—w+1;0)EarlyFactor: e(w)=max((-1/700,000,000) * w + 1; 0)
RewardTotal=e(w)βˆ—(L(d)+b(s)βˆ—d)RewardTotal = e(w) * (L(d) + b(s) * d)
  • Ξ± = daily fixed factor

  • Ξ² = daily growing factor

  • d = Staking duration in Days

  • s = amount of Staked PEAK

  • w = already spent / reserved Amount of provided PEAK for Staking (max 700 Mio.)

Bigger Bonus p.a. B(S)

The Bigger Bonus p.a. B(S) is determined by the amount of PEAK that you are willing to stake (s). You can earn up to 10% on top of the regular Staking Rewards.

Longer Bonus

The Longer Bonus L(d) is determined by the length of time (d) that you are willing to stake. The minimum period is 10 days, the maximum 1000 days. The longer you stake the higher your APY ( Annual Percentage Yield). Due to the daily growth factor Ξ² on top of the daily fixed factor Ξ± it is always more lucrative to stake longer in one piece (e.g. 100 days in a row) than for multiple short periods (e.g. 10 x 10 days).

Early Factor

The earlier you start staking the greater your rewards. This is due to the Early Factor e(w). There is only a specific amount of available PEAK for Staking ( 700 Mio.) The staking rewards are reduced by the factor e(w) that depends on the amount of PEAK which has already been spent or is reserved. The less PEAK are remaining for Staking the less the APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

Protection Staking

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