Manager Dashboard

After connecting your Wallet with the PEAKDEFI Platform, purchasing the Reputation Token and Staking the necessary amount of PEAK you land automatically in your Managers Dashboard where you can see at a glance your current investment portfolio, your Reputation Token and Commission Balance and where you can open an manage your Trades.

Dashboard Overview

In the Dashboard Overview you can monitor how the PEAKDEFI fund performs. You can check for example the price change in this cycle. A positive Price change implies that the funds made profits so far, a negative that the fund is in loss in this current cycle. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the rate of return of the fund over the period of one year. The Price Change (since inception) shows you the overall change since the start and the Assets under Management the current Value of the Fund. The Maximum Drawdown is the maximum historical downturn of the fund. Maximum Drawdowns are an indicator about the risk of the fund. The lower the Maximum Drawdown the more conservative the strategy of the fund. The Standard deviation represents the volatility of the fund.


In the Trades section you can monitor and manage your open trades and see your trade history. Read more about monitoring your trades here.


In the Ranking Tab you can compare your success with other Asset Managers.

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