Selling Fund Shares

Selling your funds is as easy as buying!

Selling at the end of a cycle

While you can invest every time into the fund you can only sell your shares again when a cycle ends. A full cycle is a fixed 60 days period where the funds are locked for 57 days for trading purposes followed by intermission phase of 3 days where Investors can sell (parts of) their fund shares. A cycle starts and ends for everybody on the same date, hence when you invest for instance on day 40 of the cycle your investments starts immediately and will "work" for the next 17 days until the intermission phase of 3 days starts where you can sell again. After these 3 days a new cycle begins.

How selling works

Click in your Dashboard on the "Sell Button" or on the fund directly and then on the "Sell" Button. The Following Interface opens:

Here you can choose the amount of Shares you want to sell and the currency / token you want to receive. You can choose between 70+ ERC-20 Token. They will then automatically be converted on a decentralized exchange and you receive your chosen currency / token in your wallet. On the right side of the interface you can see your order details.

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