🚀Launchpad Intro

We are a multichain launchpad to connect brand-new fundraising projects and investors looking for high-quality startups and projects with outstanding ROI potential, which strives for:

  • Highest quality standards: Our projects go through a 5-stage due diligence before they get listed to ensure just the best projects on the market get launched on our platform.

  • Fairness: We provide guaranteed transparent allocation tiers for all potential investors to ensure every participating investor has an allocation spot.

  • Community protection: Our community is our highest good, so we are doing everything in order to protect our community. Every project that we launch must accept our refunding and community protection policies via contract.

  • Skin in the game: We only launch projects that we are also ready to invest in. We offer guaranteed funding to our projects, which means if an allocation does not sell out - we will purchase the remaining tokens and become a token holder.

Why us?

The crypto market is currently overloaded with new IDOs which makes it difficult to filter out exceptional projects with high potential returns on investment. We analyze for you all aspects of potential projects including tokenomics, the team behind the project, product-market-fit, token use cases, long-term project potential, financials, as well as the development progress.

Our team combines several years of experience in developing and launching startups in the world of crypto and decentralization. We implemented all necessary processes and infrastructure to ensure a professional and smooth launchpad experience for our community.

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