Referral Rewards

Earn a passive income by inviting new members to this amazing opportunity!

Direct Sales Bonus - Earn Commissions when the Fund is profitable

If you refer someone who invests in the PEAKDEFI Fund you will get a commission on his / her profits every time, if the fund is profitable. For instance if your referred Investor invests 1.000 USDC and the fund makes 10% profits these 100 USDC Profits will be distributed between the Investor, the Fund manager and Affiliates. You will get 10% commission on this 100 USDC Profit = 10 USD. You can get Profits up to 8 Levels deep in your Referral Structure. The first Level is always activated. To unlock the other 7 Levels you have to stake a specific amount of PEAK.

USDC is a Stablecoin which is pegged to the US-Dollar -> 1 USDC = 1 USD

If you invite someone he/she will also get a reward of 3% on his/her PEAK Staking

If you refer a new Member you'll get 10% Commission on his / her Profits. If this Member refers a new User you will get 4% Commission on his / her Profits etc.

Earn commissions when others stake PEAK

If you refer someone who stakes PEAK you will get an upfront commission on his / her Staking Rewards. For instance if your directly referred Member stakes 10.000 PEAK for 1 year and get's a reward of e.g. 60% = 6000 PEAK you will get a 10% commission on this reward = 600 PEAK, instantly after your referred Member starts staking. So while he / she get's the rewards distributed over the whole staking period you will get rewarded immediately.

As in the Direct Sales Bonus Commission Structure you will also get here commissions up to 8 Levels deep. The same table with the same data and requirements applies here. So to unlock the other Levels you have to stake PEAK yourself.

Become a Super-Affiliate and earn Big Rank-Bonuses

Besides earning great commissions on your referral's investments and staking you also collect Direct Sales Volume Points (DSV). These DSV entitle you to attain "Career Ranks" for special accomplishments. Every time you achieve a new rank you will get a One Time Bonus Distribution in PEAK. See the List below with the specific requirements for each Rank. 50 Mio. PEAK are reserverd for the Referral Ranking Bonus.

Calculation of DSV Points

You will get DSV Points for every Referral up to 8 Levels deep (if unlocked). The same %-calculation applies for DSV points as in the Reward-List stated (10% first Line, 4% second line etc.). One DSV Point equals 1 USD Commission. For Instance if you get a total commission of 1000 USDC (PEAK Staking Commissions are converted in USDC at current PEAK Price) you will get 1000 DSV.

How to become an Affiliate / Referral

After your registration / connection with your wallet you are already able to refer new Members and get a commission of 10%. If you want to unlock further Levels you have to Stake PEAK.

You find your Referral Link in your dashboard at the "Invite friends" Tab. You can also check there your current Rank Level, your Referrals Data and you can redeem your commissions by clicking the "Redeem Commission" Button

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