Investing in the PeakDeFi Fund

Investing in PeakDeFi is easy, fast and safe

Buying PEAKDEFI Shares

When your Wallet is connected with the PEAKDEFI platform and you have some Ethereum or any of the 70+ supported ERC-20 Token in your wallet you can easily invest in the PEAKDEFI Fund by clicking on the Buy Button in your Dashboard. Then choose the amount of shares you want to buy and the Token you want to use for purchase. Make sure to have enough Token in your wallet. After clicking on "Buy Fund Shares" you need to confirm your transaction in the app or in Metamask. As the transaction will take place on the Ethereum blockchain it can take a while until the transaction went through. You can check your Fund Balance in your Dashboard.

While you can buy PEAKDEFI Fund Shares anytime you can sell only in the intermission phase at the end of every investment cycle.

You can also see your PEAKDEFI Fund Shares in your MetaMask Wallet. But first you have to add a new custom token by filling the form field Token Contract Address with 0x9424b287c8c0def28e96d595b1f76aef11ef581b

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