1. Do I need to unstake/restake for each IDO?

No, you are eligible for any IDOs as long as your PEAK tokens remain staked. Depending on how many tokens you stake, you will be assigned to our tier level system.

2. Can I withdraw my PEAK tokens from the staking process at any time?

Once you stake your tokens, a Cooldown period begins. Generally speaking the Cooldown period is 13 weeks. However, you have the option to withdraw earlier, but with a penalty fee depending on the time which has passed since you started staking: 2 weeks - 30% 4 weeks - 20% 6 weeks - 10% 8 weeks - 5% Else - 0% Additional info: When you claim your rewards only, the cooldown period starts over!

3. Is there a time window for how long you need to have your tokens staked to be qualified for an IDO?

No, PEAKDEFI Launchpad does not implement a pre-IDO staking policy.

4. What is the difference between guaranteed tier levels and the lottery system?

Lottery Tiers only give you the chance to be able to participate in an IDO, in this process, the investors are randomly selected. In contrast to that guaranteed tier levels guarantee you an allocation calculated based on your tier level.

5. I already participated in an upcoming IDO with a certain amount of PEAK staked and it is still in the sale phase. If I would increase my staked PEAK token amount now and meet the requirements for the next higher tier level, would that affect my allocations in the IDO?

Upping your tier level won't affect your IDO allocation. The tier level you have whitelisted with counts for the IDO and cannot be changed afterwards.

6. Do I have to register for each IDO?

Yes. This way we can ensure only stakers who want to participate are considered for base allocation calculation.

7. Do I have an additional benefit if I stake more than required for a specific tier level, but too little to move to the next higher tier level? (e.g. 10.500 PEAK for Tier 1 (Requirement for tier level 1: 10.000 PEAK, requirement for tier level 2: 50.000 PEAK)

Generally speaking you will get higher rewards distributed from the staking process. However, in regards to the IDOs this will make no difference. Only when you meet the minimum requirement of the next higher tier level, you can benefit in the IDO process.

8. When will I find out about my allocation?

After the sale phase has ended, each investor can see how many tokens he was able to get on the Project Detail Page under 'Your allocations'. The amount of tokens each investor receives depends on his tier level, the number of participants in his tier level and the total amount deposited in all tier levels.

9. How long do I have to fund my IDO allocation?

The time can vary for each individual IDO. You can see the timeline for the whitelisting and sale phase on the IDO details page.

10. What can I fund my allocation with?

For now with USDT, but this might change in the future as we plan to go multi-chain.

11. Where can I find the token address for the project I invested in?

Generally, the official address will be shared by the respective projects. As soon as we get the information, we will also share it on the IDO details page.

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