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Intelligently invest in the best market-neutral strategy, minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

For investors looking to generate yield in a risk-mitigated manner, the PEAKDEFI Yield Fund is an excellent option. The fund's primary layer comprises a mix of systematic and discretionary short volatility and duration strategies, executed with solid risk management targeting 15-40% APY.

The fund's focus on downside protection has enabled it to deliver consistent returns regardless of market conditions, making it an ideal choice for income-seeking investors. And with no minimum investment, the PEAKDEFI Yield Fund is accessible to a wide range of investors.


  • Rest easy knowing your money is in good hands.

  • Let the experts take the stress out of investing, so you can focus on what's important to you.

  • Watch your portfolio grow without taking unnecessary risks.

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What is PDYF?

The PEAKDEFI Yield Fund is a yield-generating token deployed across multiple market-neutral options-based strategies. We have a list of 7 different market environments, each with its unique strategy. Our quant research team determines which system to deploy in each environment. This fund targets a 15-40% return annually with a 5% or less drawdown. Investing in the PEAKDEFI Yield Fund can earn a consistent return no matter what the markets are doing.

What are the risks associated with Options-Based Yield Farming?

Options Based Yield Farming has become a popular way to generate yield in the DeFi space. However, several risks associated with this strategy need to be considered.

The first risk is platform risk, as there is always the possibility that the platform on which PDYF is being conducted could fail or be hacked. This risk can be mitigated by diversifying across multiple platforms and selecting only those with robust security protocols. The second risk is liquidity risk, as the constant selling of options can lead to a lack of liquidity and high slippage. This risk can be mitigated by careful active management of position size and order execution. The third risk is market risk, as the underlying asset price could move against the position. This risk can be hedged through the use of stop-losses or by holding a reserve of collateral in case of margin calls.

Understanding and actively managing these risks makes it possible to conduct PDYF safely and profitably.

How does PDYF gain value?

The PEAKDEFI Yield Fund seeks to gain value by increasing the USDC-denominated capital held within the tokenized fund, thus raising each PDYF token's Net Asset Value. As the options strategies collect premia or increase in value, it is converted to USDC and then redeployed to an additional or the same options strategy to compound the returns.

The strategy is designed such that each redeployment increases the fund's exposure and, therefore, its potential for gain. The result is a fund that can provide consistently compounded returns for investors.

How do I invest in PDYF?

If you're looking to purchase PDYF, the process is quite simple. All you need is a Polygon network wallet like MetaMask and a major token like MATIC or USDC in that wallet. Head over to the investment platform, connect your wallet, then choose to convert your token of choice for PDYF. That's all there is to it!

Why should I invest in PDYF?

When it comes to earning yield in the cryptocurrency market, there is certainly no shortage of options. However, finding a reliable and consistent option is another matter entirely. Far too often, high-yield options are scams, while low-yield options don't provide enough income to justify their lock-up periods.

PDYF aims to offer the best of both worlds: a high-yield savings account that provides consistent income regardless of market conditions. To achieve this, PDYF employs a risk management strategy that has been proven to work in both bull and bear markets. As a result, investors can rest assured that they will earn a healthy return on their investment regardless of what the market is doing.

What are the fees to PDYF?

On the PEAKDEFI Yield Farm, we charge a 30% performance fee accrued during your investment time. This means that if our yield farming generates a 1% yield, you will see 0.7% of gains directly in the PDYF token price. However, there is no fee to buy or sell this product other than the Polygon network transaction fee.

So why do we charge this fee? Performance fees incentivize our team to continue generating high yields for our investors. In other words, it aligns our interests with yours. And because we only charge this fee on gains, it's only when our yield strategy is successful that you pay anything.

What is the lock-up period, and why does it exist?

The lock-up period for the PeakDefi Yield Fund is quarterly, allowing the fund managers to allocate capital efficiently without having to withdraw it on a whim. Money is available for withdrawal by investors on the last three days of every calendar quarter. The stability of the funds allows for more extended yield-generating events and more significant yield capture opportunities. This lock-up period helps to ensure that the fund managers can effectively and efficiently allocate capital to achieve the highest possible yield.

Selling PEAKDEFI Yield Fund is permitted on the following dates:

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